TRUMP – and other problems

TR.CL“If only Trump would listen to advisors,” we all complained. Suddenly he is listening and we’re jumping down his throat because, needless to say, he’s clearly listening to the WRONG advisors. Even his trademark railing against illegal entrants (They shouldn’t be called immigrants. “Immigrant” implies that one has a place to go and reside when he gets to the end of his journey. Those who have stolen across the border have literally committed a form of theft by taking some of the nation’s space and protections to which they have no legal right. These are more properly called illegal entrants and those who demand to shape the discussion of the problems these entrants create, should be immediately corrected: they are not immigrants; they are illegal entrants.) is getting watered down. Yet it is the first thing that will preserve our republic: stopping illegal entry and “loose” immigration of every type.

So, they have entered and squatted where they have no right to be. Liberals wish to be thought of as empathetic to the less than ideal conditions in which these criminals live; sympathetic to the economic straits in which illegal entrants find themselves; and, willing to sacrifice the rights of others in order to make their lives more comfortable. How beautifully sacrificial and charitable they must be. Ask one and he or she will assure you of the accuracy of their high opinions of themselves.

To most Trump supporters the “fifth column” of pro-illegal entrant sympathizers and executors (politicians), are the worst enemy we face.


In addition, it’s the economy, stupid. The U. S. economy is fragile, barely keeping up with its burdens, while the dopes in Washington and 50 state capitals keep devising and sharing ways to add to its burdens:
You must hire less-productive people
You must pay them $15 an hour regardless of productivity, trustworthiness, work habits, trainability
You will be responsible for a variety of ‘benefits’ as soon as you say ‘come to work’
You will respect every form of deviancy in personal habits, and you will make accommodations to enable said deviant to ‘work’
You may be fined for hiring an ‘illegal’ despite his or her presentation of a state driver’s license and various forms of false documentation, including stolen IDs and Social Security numbers
You will compete with foreign products that Washington has permitted into our markets, from countries without the non-discrimination, benefit responsibility, and environmental expenses that you must bear by law
You will disturb every employee by allowing sexually confused employees and customers to use restrooms without limitation by gender
You will pay taxes and payroll taxes, employee benefits, local property and real estate taxes, water and sewage fees on time or government(s) will shut you down

The U. S. economy, since the “Great Society,” has been unable to keep up with the spending addiction of the federal government’s politicians and bureaucrats. Slowly, inexorably, simple domestic problems suffered two political forces: federalization and elevation to “war” or “crisis” status. Programs with these statuses also have two inevitable qualities: constantly increasing cost and… permanence.

DONALD! WAKE UP! Normal, tax-paying, bill-paying citizens HATE these habits of Washington! Tell the nation that the way government does its (the peoples’) business is going to change in a Trump administration. Tell us that the effort to transform Washington will start with you and your new team. We don’t need to transform America by outnumbering its citizens and upsetting their culture, we need to UPSET WASHINGTON and its culture of theft and irresponsibility! How’s that?

The premiere engine for the defense and enrichment of our unique American culture is education. Our culture is unique. Americans should NOT consider it no better than all others, but that it is superior for many reasons – just read the Declaration, Constitution, Northwest Ordinance and other founding documents. People come here legally and illegally because of our culture. We are obliged to defend and strengthen it. Public education, increasingly tinged with anti-Americanism and far-left statism, has failed and is failing to do this vital job that we pay it so much to do.

DONALD! PEOPLE WANT A BETTER EDUCATIONAL RESULT! Federal money has not helped, except to raise education budgets and salaries. Let schools compete and require that tax-exempt status for ALL schools be based on including 4 or 5 basic courses (including the first two years of degree-issuing college programs) of which one MUST be study of America’s founding documents, the Federalist Papers and more. We have an OBLIGATION to know our own history and founding philosophy. Our country is based on IDEAS, not ethnicity or history. People want the ideas of personal responsibility, limited government, the Bill of Rights, personal sovereignty and private property rights to be known, understood and FOLLOWED. Commit to these things, Donald, and we’ll all vote for you!


legislateEvery couple of years purportedly rational humans scurry about seeking votes. To acquire same, they promise new levels of honesty, integrity and transparency and half of them (or more, where unopposed) get elected to do the peoples’ business. Almost immediately our erstwhile reformers and crusaders begin to justify legislation that extends for hundreds of pages, covering hundreds of matters – some quite disparate. For Clinton voters, that means they are not all related to the subject matter of the legislation’s title. It is possible, although improbable, that every new restriction in the legislation is pure, wholesome, beneficial to all and free of the taint of quids, pros and quos. Therefore, Prudence Leadbetter (pronounced: Lead Better) and I recommend the following to all solons and candidates:


For all you Representatives, and you others who hope to gain power in 2016, you will find it much easier to fulfill America’s heritage if you follow a few simple rules of judging legislation so as to minimize the potential damage to our economy and society, and so as to enhance the Freedom that makes us strong. Our new friend, Bill Judgement, will show you how:

Bill Judgement #1: Is this proposal more than 1,000 WORDS long? Chances are there’s something wrong with it or hidden in it that does not fulfill the Spirit of the Constitution or the true purposes of American freedom. The 27 Amendments to the Constitution, are each a lot shorter than that!

Bill Judgement #2: Does the effect of the proposal TAKE FREEDOM AWAY from sovereign citizens? In other words, are you about to force some people to give up their inherent rights in order to buy favor from some other people? Then don’t do it – no matter how good the title sounds!

Bill Judgement #3: Does the legislation as proposed, include stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with the purpose of the original bill? For example: Does a bill to “reform” health care include a federal takeover of student (consumer) lending? Then don’t vote for it: it’s partly fraudulent!

Bill Judgement #4: Does the bill, or any part of it, effectively PUNISH citizens or legitimate businesses for doing something legal that some people don’t like? Then don’t do that!

Bill Judgement #5: Does the bill include some hidden gifties for special friends of legislature-people? Then suck in your gut and say NO to it. Until we have a real, cash surplus, you heroes should be able to keep your hands out of the cookie jar – and then, only after taxes have been cut.

Bill Judgement #6: Are there special sections of the proposal that provide some kind of pay-off to other Members in order to secure their votes? Sounds like a crappy way to do the people’s businesses. Steer clear of it. If the merits of the bill are that questionable, it doesn’t deserve any honest person’s support!

Bill Judgement #7: Will the net result of proposed legislation create more tax-PAYERS? That is, will it enable or cause the PRIVATE-SECTOR to grow and flourish? Then support it fully. If it does the opposite, or, worse, expands government and the number of net tax-TAKERS, just say NO, NO, NO!

Bill Judgement #8: Does this bill take away PRIVATE PROPERTY from tax payers? Or maybe so restrict their use of their own property as to destroy its value? Then don’t vote for that until YOU can articulate why the basis of American Freedom must be taken away from those folks!

Bill Judgement #9: Does the new law include increases in taxes? Until some of the exorbitant waste and favoritism inside government is CUT by the amount you propose to raise, VOTE NO, NO, NO! To maintain the organized theft inside the government while taxing citizens more is to deny your oath of office, for shame.


baltimoreSpeaking of different knowledges, one can recognize how close to savagery America is, at least in urban cores, which is a consequence of severely distorted knowledge and utterly alien beliefs among, mostly, American-born blacks – beliefs being the result of gaining knowledge or the certain stand-ins for it. Disaffected blacks have been taught to believe that America is a system of oppression, based on hatred for non-whites and fueled by corporate theft. Like all beliefs, these are based on kernels of truth, or knowledge.
Poverty and hopelessness can sure feel like, well, oppression, for example. Bolstered by socialism and industrialized sympathy, young blacks perceive being locked into a permanent lower caste and lash out at any opportunity to do so.

I would, too.

In some ways blacks have a clearer perception of the inequities built-into our corrupt, grotesque combine of banks, debt, stock markets and politics, than do most “middle-class” and wealthier others, color notwithstanding.

Sadly, the governing class – originally just lefty Democrats but, now, both lefty parties – have found their political power to be intertwined with either bribing inner-city denizens to keep them not too restive, or not un-bribing them, out of fear. What have we wrought? It doesn’t make us – or the next generation – or the nation, stronger.

There is NO evidence that weakening self-reliance by addicting people to welfare, does anything to make them better parents, workers or citizens. Nor does it make them – the recipients – grateful for the tax-paid gifts. Quite the opposite. Welfare breeds resentment, fatherless children, generational failure, wanton sexuality and, evidently, a criminal mindset. That is not to denigrate a race or a current generation. It does recognize that criminality is much higher in long-term welfare populations. Why is this so?

The answer, I think, is that people have a sense of right and wrong, despite the specifics of what is right and what is wrong within their groups. Generational welfare recipients learn to scam the porous, foolish transfer systems that guilt-ridden liberals have erected. There is no way to increase income on welfare without inventing (or procreating) new needs or finding ways to take additional shares to which one is not “entitled,” which is so ridiculously simple with “EBT” cash-cards that large numbers of people learn to cheat and to break rules, if not laws, without consequence.

Since others still have better lives and opportunities, the sense of entitlement among welfare-ites becomes a large part of where right and wrong diverge. It’s not the same distinction as for groups – fortunately still a majority (shrinking) – who never have been trained to cheat the system to get ahead.

“Responsible” citizens cannot grasp the ethics of the “non-responsible.” The “non-responsible” welfare-ites see the alternative outlook as a “white” one, and oppressive, the two descriptions inter-changeable. Blacks who attempt to leave the irresponsible culture for the responsible one, are put down for acting “white,” which is the same as acting like the oppressors. The gulf is virtually unbridgeable.

The two groups believe different “truths.” They are possessed of different “knowledge.”

The responsible bill-paying, tax-paying largely honest group sincerely believes that the answer is to change the beliefs of ALL the non-responsibles and, further, if granted full power in Washington, they will apply the tough-love necessary to redress these wrong beliefs and everyone will recognize the error of liberalism / progressivism… and learn to love conservatives.


It is truly a puzzlement as to which path to the future will dissolve the sharp hatreds that bedevil blacks and whites, today. But, there must be one, mustn’t there? We cannot plan to continue for another two American generations with cauldrons of hatred and economic dissolution festering in urban cores. We can’t seem to resolve that reality with more welfare programs or dollars; we have no political will to significantly restrict our current sloppy welfare disbursement mess; there is no amount of added public education dollars, free college tuition or forced relocations that are going to change very many people’s beliefs about “white capitalist oppression.”

Only one system has ever worked: the path of attainment. Sounds spiritual and it does address the human spirit; it also sounds religious, and its tenets underlie Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Confuscianism, Zoroastrianism and other belief systems. Ahhh…, okay, but can the government possibly create rules and enforcement that will force people onto this path?

No. Humans, outside of bondage – or Alzheimer’s – are on some path of attainment automatically. People, by virtue of living and thinking are always bettering themselves, as each perceives “better.” The majesty of our Constitutional “system” is that it is designed to protect and defend a social, religious and economic structure under which people can perfect themselves! Freedom is required for such a concept to work, as is personal responsibility. That means every person must have some sense of shame: a set of rights and wrongs driving his or her conscience. Every adult must be self-governing.

Benjamin Franklin recognized the fragility of a Republic. His famous quote was uttered as he left Independence Hall and was asked what sort of government had the delegates created? “A republic, if you can keep it,” he reportedly replied.

Republicanism DEPENDS on the quality of its citizens! America can only survive if its citizenry understands the meaning of a Constitutionally limited democratic republic. And personal responsibility.

For 100 years the idea of constitutional limitation has been under purposeful assault. From Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, through Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt, weird Lyndon Johnson and poor Richard Nixon, overwhelmed Gerald Ford and dewy Jimmy Carter, slimy Bill Clinton and messianic George W. Bush, devolving into communist Barack Obama, political leadership has been aggregating power farther and farther away from those same citizens and their erstwhile representatives.

An unfortunate consequence of ever-stronger executive agencies and their growing armies of controlling types, is intrusion into virtually every aspect of life and comfort. The so-called “welfare state” has evolved into virtual sustenance for millions of less-competent, less-responsible citizens who, for complex reasons of undying, slavery-generated resentments, have been raised to believe that the oppressor government owes them reparations – reparations that will never be paid in full.

How will the equation between races be solved? Can either “group” be totally subdued? Would that even be a solution? What could that solution look like and who would enforce it?

“The government(s),” obviously. Who is most likely to become dominant in the “government” of that day? Will it be the people who control the military? Or, will it be the most lawless people – those willing to kill to reach dominance? Can the guilt-ridden, mostly white and legalistic population ever be brought to the point of fighting back?

Since the 1960’s, majority America has been redefining crime and going into debt to support “oppressed” welfare recipients. The reward has been rampaging anger. When would the majority forego lawsuits and crafty arguments that have been relinquishing equal application of the laws for decades… and turn to force?

What will “peace” consist of after that? Total segregation? Banishment of the “losers?” Apartheidt?

Clearly the living conditions for both the wealthier “oppressors” and for the welfare-economy “oppressed,” will deteriorate – possibly abruptly – as will the ability of “the government” to repair and rebuild after riotous confrontations. Smaller and smaller subsets of government-control will become islands of control: tiny police states, in effect. Constitutional bases for self governance will evaporate, not to regenerate for a long, long time, if ever.

Liberal America has been afraid to enforce truly equal application of the laws for a long time. Whatever burden personal responsibility might impose on minorities has been regretted and argued-against and, bit by bit, relaxed. The larger premise has been that “white” laws and customs may not be “imposed” upon minorities. It is unfair. In the process, “we” have managed to destroy morality and historic standards, in the hope that those things are not important to maintaining a unified nation.

Even as we pay “Ferguson” deposits on the coming bills for liberal mendacity, we pretend that there is some individual who can increase welfare dramatically enough to make our permanent underclass happy. We should not buy these lies any longer. Why is it permanent, anyway?