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Electors, electors everywhere!

There has never been an interregnum like the one we are experiencing now. Since Eisenhower beat Stevenson the first time – which is as far as my memory can recall concerning presidential events – winners and losers have been gracious. Losers, in particular, have shown their class by offering support to the winner and, if a retiring president, assistance from his own presidential experience. People then put the election behind them and wished success to the new president.

Not in 2016. This retiring president, Barack Obama, has promised only criticism and his losing party has contorted itself trying to de-legitimize the winner, Donald Trump. What is so different this year?

Eight years ago, to begin with, we elected one of the least honest men in our history. Mr. Obama was allied with some strange people, had an obscure but largely Communist past, and religious philosophies that leaned toward Islam despite his claim to have been a Christian while attending Reverend Wright’s black theology, anti-white, “America-is-usually-wrong “church. Further, Obama populated his advisory corps and top cabinet positions – especially in intelligence and Justice – with avowed communists, anti-white and anti-Christian leaders. Strange, and unique.

Mr. Obama’s domestic policies did not “tend” toward liberalism, they drove full-steam beyond liberalism toward outright statism, including many elements of the Communist Manifesto. Federalized, socialized medicine is the most notable of these, but his regulatory regime has changed the government-private relationship in thousands of ways. The Justice department has been politicized and tilted against whites extraordinarily and unprecedentedly. This changed the local and state-federal relationships in policing and law-enforcement in ways that have literally cost lives and property.

Foreign policies, including immigration policy, have changed America’s relationship with almost every nation, always to the diminishment of the United States and to the advantage of our enemies-competitors. Immigration has flooded the nation with illegal entrants who are largely not interested in “becoming” Americans, but in “changing” America, itself. Among these are tens of thousands of fundamentalist Muslim “refugees” who form enclaves – racial, tribal and religious-cultural. The premise of their differences is inherently antithetical to the U. S. Constitution and to state and local jurisprudence. It is odd to work so hard to bring non-assimilators to one’s country – stupid, unless it fulfills a purpose.

And that is the last puzzle-piece that is Barack Hussein Obama: transforming America into a non-white, non-dominant nation, weakening if not destroying capitalism and private property, and ultimately punishing white America for colonialism, slavery, success and Jim Crow repression. Nothing we’ve done to correct our errors counts. The mistakes we’ve made are irredeemable… mainly because we have resources that Obama believes must be paid in reparations. Most of what Obama attempted and achieved is uniquely threatening to the national psyche. That is the main difference in the 2016 elections.

Mrs. Clinton is, essentially, a footnote in the reaction to, and defeat of, what Barack Obama attempted. She never was a good candidate, nor an honest one. Two sublimely dishonest liberal-socialist presidents in a row are too much for Americans to acquiesce to. Donald Trump – or his equivalent – was bound to appear. He was needed, and all those who were not his equivalent fell by the wayside.

The damaging and somewhat dangerous kerfluffle over turning presidential electors into turncoats, promulgated by 2016’s losers who can’t believe they have lost their greatest opportunity in a hundred years to finally install socialism in America, has gained strength and faux legitimacy with the connivance of socialist media companies and foreign influencers like George Soros. Their actions are irrational, but liberalism is a mental disorder, after all. Their efforts rely on denying the Constitution by confusing the polity.

Electing a president is not – repeat NOT – a “national” election: it is 50 STATE elections held on the same day. This is a key factor in protecting and ensuring state’s rights in our “federal” system. There are a number of such protections built into the constitution.

Best known is the structure of the Senate. Every state, regardless of population, has equal representation: 2 senators each. Originally, Senators were chosen, selected or elected by the legislatures of the several states. Their job was to represent the STATES and not the body politic – that job was reserved for the House of Representatives. Ours is a republic and not a democracy, per se. Our state representatives, chosen through democratic processes, are supposed to employ their wisdom and intelligence – presumably the qualities that caused their own election – to choose the two senators who would best represent their respective states.

Unfortunately, the need for statesmanship in senators has been overridden by partisanship, something the Founders warned against repeatedly. Corruption and anti-republicanism finally enabled progressives to promote the 17th Amendment making direct popular election of Senators part of the Constitution. Many states had made their legislative selection processes subject to a popular “primary” election. Selection problems had been leaving some states without Senate representation for long periods, so the 17th resolved that. But the change to popular election fulfilled a progressive dream of controlling the Senate through partisanship, weakening the federalism embodied in the constitution.

One need look only to the “work” of Harry Reid, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and other senate boobs to see that direct election is not the best solution. The rights and powers of states have suffered as a result.

In any event, holding 50 elections simultaneously in no way causes California’s big-majority election of the Clinton California electors, to make a particle of difference in the narrower majority election of Trump Michigan electors, or Pennsylvania electors or those of any other state. Adding up totals from 50 SEPARATE elections is a complete red herring: meaningless and meant to confuse. News organizations should stop doing that.

They might as well add up the votes in 435 House elections and worry about who got the larger total in those 435 separate elections: just as meaningless. Presidential electors are running in STATE elections – 50 of them. Adding up their totals is simple-minded, obfuscatory, Progressive bullshit.


caitlyn-v-baby-photographyBelief can be a most powerful weapon, spurring action, hatred or love. Election 2016 is a frightening example of popular belief manipulation and those who fomented it deserve our condemnation. Don’t let “fomented” be a comfort – it’s still going on.
The “press” in the form of television, is hardly the equivalent of the printed newspaper / newsmagazine “press.” Since 1960, really, television has been the primary organ of information for voters – at least until 2008. And, it is still a major one. Several factors prevent it from being an honest one.
First, it divides its attention between actual news and information, and entertainment. In a newspaper the Sports section and the Comics pages are clearly defined and separate – handled separately from “News.” TV, not so much.
While a newspaper has time to make decisions about what is most valuable to report, biases notwithstanding, television news strives to be “up to the minute” in its transmittal of events. A dozen Internet services have worsened this. The presence of live-action video must be canned, edited and packaged for transmission in a few hours, or, when events are “breaking news,” fitted in unfiltered to an otherwise choreographed “segment.” What is actually displayed may or may not be the best representation of “truth” about an event, a belief-group, a protest or significant civic function, or about a crime.
Having taken the time to read a paper, the recipient of the views and news it contains can process them and develop his or her own beliefs about what was read. Everything on television, on the other hand, is “read” for the watcher/listener, and speculated upon or interpreted and delivered to multiple senses simultaneously. This implants the ideas of the presenter quite effectively. If no alternative sourcing is done by the recipient – if no newspaper is read later, for example, the beliefs and biases of the TV presentation are left to form beliefs.
One can see the effects of belief manipulation in topics like race, climate change, “immigration” and, most currently, Trump’s campaign and election. “#BlackLivesMatter” rides this dragon with abandon. We can also see the effects of overreach when media giants fail to be convincing.
A few months ago a new member – a young Hispanic woman – of a service club I am proud to be part of, heard us talking about corrupt practices connected to the Clinton Foundation. She questioned what we were saying. I assured her that there was plenty wrong with how they acquired money through the influence of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.
She was wide-eyed in shock! She’d never heard of any of this. One can trace the path of her disbelief: she obtained her news from an outlet that wanted her to know nothing about Mrs. Clinton’s negatives – an outlet that never reported on Clinton Foundation practices.
This recognized, carefully applied ability to sway large swaths of “low-information” voters was on bright display during our recent 18-month election marathon. Unfiltered hatred of Donald Trump, and unfiltered calumny, has millions now believing that he is barely a change of clothes away from gathering his armies of hateful racists on the Washington Mall and leading them with a “Seig Heil!” salute!
No wonder our college-age snowflakes – and many of their “teachers” – need safe spaces in which to worry about… nothing, actually.
How much brighter the future would be if both these groups spent more energy becoming smart, rather than angry.

TRUMP – and other problems

TR.CL“If only Trump would listen to advisors,” we all complained. Suddenly he is listening and we’re jumping down his throat because, needless to say, he’s clearly listening to the WRONG advisors. Even his trademark railing against illegal entrants (They shouldn’t be called immigrants. “Immigrant” implies that one has a place to go and reside when he gets to the end of his journey. Those who have stolen across the border have literally committed a form of theft by taking some of the nation’s space and protections to which they have no legal right. These are more properly called illegal entrants and those who demand to shape the discussion of the problems these entrants create, should be immediately corrected: they are not immigrants; they are illegal entrants.) is getting watered down. Yet it is the first thing that will preserve our republic: stopping illegal entry and “loose” immigration of every type.

So, they have entered and squatted where they have no right to be. Liberals wish to be thought of as empathetic to the less than ideal conditions in which these criminals live; sympathetic to the economic straits in which illegal entrants find themselves; and, willing to sacrifice the rights of others in order to make their lives more comfortable. How beautifully sacrificial and charitable they must be. Ask one and he or she will assure you of the accuracy of their high opinions of themselves.

To most Trump supporters the “fifth column” of pro-illegal entrant sympathizers and executors (politicians), are the worst enemy we face.


In addition, it’s the economy, stupid. The U. S. economy is fragile, barely keeping up with its burdens, while the dopes in Washington and 50 state capitals keep devising and sharing ways to add to its burdens:
You must hire less-productive people
You must pay them $15 an hour regardless of productivity, trustworthiness, work habits, trainability
You will be responsible for a variety of ‘benefits’ as soon as you say ‘come to work’
You will respect every form of deviancy in personal habits, and you will make accommodations to enable said deviant to ‘work’
You may be fined for hiring an ‘illegal’ despite his or her presentation of a state driver’s license and various forms of false documentation, including stolen IDs and Social Security numbers
You will compete with foreign products that Washington has permitted into our markets, from countries without the non-discrimination, benefit responsibility, and environmental expenses that you must bear by law
You will disturb every employee by allowing sexually confused employees and customers to use restrooms without limitation by gender
You will pay taxes and payroll taxes, employee benefits, local property and real estate taxes, water and sewage fees on time or government(s) will shut you down

The U. S. economy, since the “Great Society,” has been unable to keep up with the spending addiction of the federal government’s politicians and bureaucrats. Slowly, inexorably, simple domestic problems suffered two political forces: federalization and elevation to “war” or “crisis” status. Programs with these statuses also have two inevitable qualities: constantly increasing cost and… permanence.

DONALD! WAKE UP! Normal, tax-paying, bill-paying citizens HATE these habits of Washington! Tell the nation that the way government does its (the peoples’) business is going to change in a Trump administration. Tell us that the effort to transform Washington will start with you and your new team. We don’t need to transform America by outnumbering its citizens and upsetting their culture, we need to UPSET WASHINGTON and its culture of theft and irresponsibility! How’s that?

The premiere engine for the defense and enrichment of our unique American culture is education. Our culture is unique. Americans should NOT consider it no better than all others, but that it is superior for many reasons – just read the Declaration, Constitution, Northwest Ordinance and other founding documents. People come here legally and illegally because of our culture. We are obliged to defend and strengthen it. Public education, increasingly tinged with anti-Americanism and far-left statism, has failed and is failing to do this vital job that we pay it so much to do.

DONALD! PEOPLE WANT A BETTER EDUCATIONAL RESULT! Federal money has not helped, except to raise education budgets and salaries. Let schools compete and require that tax-exempt status for ALL schools be based on including 4 or 5 basic courses (including the first two years of degree-issuing college programs) of which one MUST be study of America’s founding documents, the Federalist Papers and more. We have an OBLIGATION to know our own history and founding philosophy. Our country is based on IDEAS, not ethnicity or history. People want the ideas of personal responsibility, limited government, the Bill of Rights, personal sovereignty and private property rights to be known, understood and FOLLOWED. Commit to these things, Donald, and we’ll all vote for you!

The New, Pure Democrats

Gross defiance of truth, justice and the American way is contained in the communization of the Democrat Party. You “good” democrats out there, stop shaking your fingers at me. Your party has gone so far left you can’t effect a “pass” without driving up on the sidewalk. Your party is weird. Don’t believe me? Listen to anything Harry Reid says. Talk about a mental breakdown, he’s having one as I write. It would be bad enough if he were just a sick, twisted dope – lots of senators are – but he’s also a God-damned liar and a cheat. Shame on the Nevada Democrat party for supporting him and getting him re-elected in 2012. What a turd.

He stands for what constitutes Democrat politics these days, my good Democrat friend, and you have every right to be ashamed. If that dope ever does anything that is good for the U. S., it will be the first time, and an accident.

Reid is only slightly more dishonest than Nancy Pelosi. However, she is weird and, worse, has a claim on the “sisterhood.” You lady Democrats have nothing to be proud of with this dilly. She’ll do you all a favor by retiring or losing her next election. Praise the Lord.

It is sad to see the ignorance of such a large number of Americans, who can be shoveled a ton of crap about “entitlements” like food stamps, free phones and nationalized health care. It’s just watered-down communism and a large coalition is happy with it. If there has been a 50-year plan to dissociate Americans from our own history, heritage and economic wisdom, I suppose the socialist public education establishment can pat itself on the back for a great success.

Thank God for private schools, and even better, church schools. These are, of course, the most attacked and vilified of all alternatives to government monopoly schools. The only form of education that may be hated even more is home schooling. Those kids are more likely to grow up conservative and un-indoctrinated. Oh, the horror.

This mess will never be corrected from inside the education establishment. Even the best of teachers are slowly converted to defense of “their” profession without seeing that their profession is completely co-opted by forces of collectivism. It rode in on unionism and fairly crappy management of public school systems, but it’s a form of communism that is just as willing to sacrifice generations of children as Stalin was willing to starve out resistance to collectivizing farms in Crimea in the 1920’s and ‘30’s. For shame.

I think it’s safe to say that turning schools toward real education isn’t going to happen from top-down direction by politicians, either – a place where lots of conservatives place their hopes. It would be like punching marshmallow fluff: good ideas completely absorbed with no permanent effect. Worse, the puncher’s hands will be so grubby afterwards that the rest of his or her agenda will be compromised.
The only fix is competition, and not only from charter schools. There are millions of allies out there who are hoping and wishing for the same change conservatives and other grown-ups are dreaming of. Our first obligation is to teach our children well. Government schools are doing a poorer and poorer job of this key function and parents want control back.

Public (government monopoly) schools don’t even want parents to know what they are trying to teach! Nor do they want to teach American history, our Constitution or the Federalist Papers. Probably afraid that too many people grasping the concepts of freedom, limited government and sovereign citizenship, would screw up the socialist tyranny we are enjoying.

But Democrat obfuscation and dumbing-down extends to their own party, not just the public. Right now the “party” is trying to apologize to millions of Bernie Sanders supporters – and to Bernie, himself – for having cheated him and them of any possibility of winning the primary campaigns for the Democrat nomination. The depth of party cynicism has reached a new low.

Somehow, in the age of hacks and data breeches the DNC thought it could keep secret a total favoritism for Hillary Clinton, even as it emailed the plans and tricks back and forth thousands and thousands of times. Among them were ways to denigrate Sanders including, believe it or not, foul questions about his religious/Jewish status to be fed to media interviewers (which sycophants would have asked them, make no mistake.)

Meanwhile, Sanders is attracting millions of people to his (admittedly weird) proposals, and struggling to campaign on low budgets and minimal assistance from “his” party, to which, despite the “Socialist” label he proudly wears in the Senate, he has been completely loyal for decades.

The DNC, suddenly no longer led by double-dealing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, has been exposed for its duplicity and is attempting to carry on in its Convention as if nothings has changed: Wasserman-Schultz is out and Vice-Chair, Donna Brazile is in. We are to believe that she had nothing whatsoever to do with the evil eMails, no, no, no.

The newly purified DNC can now cheerfully and confidently promote its most pure candidate, ever, who knew nothing at all about any damned eMails that brought ol’ Debbie down. Hillary loves Bernie, we all know, and with his support she will usher in a new political age of honest, transparent government, free of taint.
Prudence Leadbetter

The Long Game

Of the election marathon of 2015-2016 it is safe to say that the Hillary phenomenon is not much of a surprise, although the Bernie Sanders phenomenon is – and he’s more instructive.
On the other hand, the Trump phenomenon has caught a lot of supposed wise observers by surprise and it surely ought not have. Trump is fulfilling an Alinsky-ite prediction: Obama’s EVERY effort has been to destroy his enemies and the classic Alinsky tactics have been employed repeatedly over his two terms.
First was / is to assault normalcy not quite outrageously, but steadfastly, in small ways and large. The “crisis” of financial meltdown, so convenient for Obama’s election, was the blasting cap. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Bam! In came the bailouts and Obama’s first victory in the budget-busting “stimulus” package that upped federal spending by 20%. Republicans didn’t have the majority, then, and watched helplessly, moaning and groaning, some even voting FOR it – able to swallow almost anything.
The Tea Party was born and the 2010 campaigns for Congress joined at that moment. The opposition was “stirred up,” as it were, and Obama’s plan was working. With the mainstream media lathering syrup on his every waffle of wisdom, Republicans were made to look silly in opposition. Time to strike!
In came Obamacare, that Orwellian lie of a law (or, Orwellian pile of crap… whatever works for you), that caught Republicans and the country off-guard. Bam! That was slammed through: another gigantic increase in federal share of GDP, gigantic increase in police-state controls over our most intimate freedoms, and Republicans were made to look silly in opposition.
In 2010 the House went Republican. Oh, wonderful, they said, now we can thwart Obama through control of the “purse strings!” Obama was perfectly satisfied to have Congress split. His plan never was to increase Democratic majorities – it was to destroy Republicans and any opposition to his socialist weakening of the U. S. When you’re in a shooting gallery, the only ducks you can hit are the ones parading by in front of you.
Well, the Republicans were really mad, now, and they proposed repeal of Obamacare, over and over again. The Senate pissed on that idea and Republicans were made to look silly in opposition. No formal budgets were passed, just continuing resolutions that cemented-in the 20% budget increase (plus Obamacare that kept getting funded) the stimulus had injected, and Republicans were made to look silly in opposition, especially when the government shut down for a few days.
Oh, my God! Look at the suffering! It didn’t stop the Republicans. They made believable promises to their base that once they had both Senate and House they could really stop the Obama regime and its terrible…, whatevers – fill in the blank and send a check. Republicans and conservatives were reaping a windfall in donations thanks to that ogre, Obama. And continuing resolutions were passed and the budget remained outrageous, even as Obama could claim to be “reducing deficits at the fastest rate in history.” It was still better that Republicans now controlled Congress for the press could make them look even sillier in opposition… as well as disingenuous to their base!
Having boxed them in with lies about government shutdowns and other opposing acts, Obama and the press displayed all too clearly how Republicans could not be trusted even when they had all the power to stop him that they’d asked for.
Enter Trump, a fallen angel, but angel nonetheless. He has ploughed through standard Republicans, and even Ted Cruz, engendering a substantial opposition within the Republican party, itself, including Mitt Romney Syndrome, that will, if successful in presenting a third candidate, complete the destruction of Obama’s enemies.
It was a long game, but perfectly played by the president, traitor though he may be. Watching the Republicans fumble around, afraid to impeach or withhold funds, all the other crises of Obama’s making were just diversionary, happily watched and waited-out while the long game played along.
Republicans’ 8 years of foolishness have brought us almost to our own goal line, not even talking about defending it, while Mr. Obama flips America the bird.

Prudence Leadbetter

Mitt Romney Syndrome

RomTrumpSince Mr. Obama was elected in what was, until then, the most dramatic turn-around in U. S. politics (we elected a quite radical Muslim sympathizer who had been raised and largely educated by communists, who expressed a deep dislike of his supposed homeland, and who was the only person who ought to know his birthplace, who ever claimed – in writing – that he was born in Kenya – except for his grandmother and other members of his extended family), our politics and domestic body politic has been undergoing an even more dramatic shift. Few have taken good note of this, even as Republicans have consistently voted (they thought) for policies and people in direct opposition to what Mr. Obama represents. Their disappointment with the results of their overwhelming votes, votes that delivered House and Senate to Republicans and a wide majority of state legislatures and governorships as well, have finally found glaring outlet in the open presidential election marathon of 2015 – 2016.
Those who have fallen away as Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in the hardest-fought primaries of our lifetimes, still don’t grasp the implications, despite experiencing the reality. Republicans in “power” not only fail to grasp the shift, they are in denial and considering a tragic course to unseat the primary winner, Trump.
Key leader in this error is Mitt Romney, but there are dozens of ostensible conservatives and obviously liberal Republicans egging him on. For shame. Many of these claim to be struck by intense principles that prevent them from supporting Trump, led as much by William Kristol and those who orbit his diffuse conservatism, as by Romney.
Romney, too principled to stomach The Donald, was unable to declare said principles when debating Barack Hussein Obama in 2012, sitting silently as Obama spewed his Zebra-dung half-truths with the help of Candy Crowley. Perhaps Romney would be president now if he had shown proper outrage at the Benghazi and other outright lies and stormed off the stage of that debate with a statement that he was going to where Americans wanted to hear some truth! Obama deserved no more respect. But he did not have the spine – or principles – for that, which principles he claims guide him now.
Now his spine has returned to service. Trump is offensive to some and he, ROMNEY, will not stand for it… no, not for one minute!
How is it that millions of Republicans and others have chosen Trump over all those who use Republicanism, but don’t stand up for it? How is it that so many declare, loudly, that they aren’t seeking gentility or even manners, but rather someone with the nature of a bulldog who will not tolerate mealy-mouthed acquiescence to the destruction of liberty, personal responsibility and Constitutionalism?
Trump ain’t Winston Churchill, which would be nice, but this ain’t tiddliwinks, either; this is the salvation of the IDEAS of America and its promise, fought for so terrifically by Washington’s ragged troops.
Mr. Romney, be a statesman, now. Hold out your hand and help to Donald Trump and sign on to the victory that is within the grasp not of Republicans, but of real Americans.

Prudence Leadbetter

The Trump Effect

Having been an obvious conservative and Republican for decades, people ask me about Donald Trump and as the primary season has bumped along, my answer now is to divert, slightly, to the “Trump effect.”

The Trump effect has proven to be catalytic. He came in to the race as an erstwhile Republican, and there are fair arguments against the validity of that, but without any political power. He had financial power, but lots of people do and it doesn’t mean they have political power. He had bragadoccio and courage, but those don’t mean political power, either. He had influence, and lots of media exposure, and those are important to political power, but don’t create it.

What is required is some or all of those things plus a key ingredient from among these few: a political or power vacuum in society, an intense desire to gain political power, an intense, patriotic, statesmanlike desire to save society, an intense, sympathetic/empathetic desire to heal and comfort everyone – the penultimate social worker, an idea, or cause, that is shared by large numbers of voters, or a willingness to gain power by hook or by crook for personal, megalomaniacal aggrandizement.

I believe that from these 6 evolve or devolve all the motivations that lead people to desire the presidency and every office below it in hierarchy. Where does the “Trump effect” fit in?

First, Trump seized upon a severe problem that forms the basis of a cause for large numbers of Americans: open borders, or ill-enforced immigration policies. Law-abiding citizens watch in horror as illegal entrants are treated better than citizens, provided welfare of various kinds, granted quasi-legal status despite being criminals, even being allowed to vote, as though the function and sovereignty of the United States is not defendable – or even defensible. He launched his effort with a cause.

The reaction to the cause, however, has yielded intense hatred for Trump and all of his followers. It just happens that the opposition is from the “left,” which, collectively, hates the United States to one degree or another, and which sees flooding the country with illegal entrants – especially racially and culturally very different illegal entrants or supposed Islamic “refugees” – as just desserts for all the cultural crimes the U. S. has committed for so long. This automatically places Trump on the “right,” or in Republican country, a place in which he does not comfortably fit.

Whether or not Trump survives the nomination marathon, “his” widely shared cause will continue to motivate large numbers of citizens. This is the “effect” that we can name as Trump’s for now, but which is a valid political force whose adherents – millions of them – fear will not have a champion if he fades politically. Should that be the outcome of the primaries, caucuses and convention, there will be a real risk of the “Trump forces” breaking away from standard party politics. The reactions of the left to this may not be the smartest, as they perceive a great, false proof of their ability to wield total power.

People who are sympathetic to the “cause” but who are not bound to it, will be unable to stop the breakup of the “right.” Almost by definition, the current “right” would become one end of the “left’s” spectrum. The observed tendency of the Republican “establishment” to cooperate rather destructively with the parts of the governing establishment that desires to disassociate the U. S. from its Constitution, will then make a weird sense. A new “right” will be born.

Suddenly, the political landscape will re-define itself. New alliances among those who are passionate about the Constitution, who are pro-life, pro-individual responsibility, pro-sovereignty and pro-defense of our borders, language and culture, will coalesce. Left and Right will become more distinct and more distinctly opposed. “The Trump effect,” then, is a new politics for both “sides.” Nothing the Republican party – a quite-flawed institution, can do, will put this genie back in a bottle.

In The Tradition of Sam Adams

Prudence says…
There was a meeting of the Sam Adams Society in the Holy City of Lowell the other day (hey, it’s as holy as any holy city in the Western Hemisphere) and in the process of a 2-hour lunch the 4 members pretty well dissected current events and partially predicted the future. Because we are conservatives we tend to be right about many things. Anyway, one of the members is very close to Prudence’ heart.

Naturally, the “Trump situation” was discussed, along with a number of “RINO” machinations, world economic problems, tax policies and self-driving cars and other robots.

None of this is meant to imply that Trump is a robot – far from it. In his way he’s brilliant, as only a human could be.

Some have wondered if Mr. Trump is a plant, intended to destroy conservatism… or to destroy the Republican party (the two movements being only vaguely congruent), or to help Hillary in some way? Do you really think the Clintonistas are that devious, that Machiavellian, that mendacious? Well, okay, but do you think they are also clever enough to do it? Maybe, but I doubt that Trump would be the guy to try it with. Like I said, he’s pretty sharp.

He’s also stubborn, acerbic, annoying, independent and brash… and he’s on a mission. Men like him because he sounds like an actual guy instead of some feminized fop who’s afraid to offend someone. Women like him because he sounds like he won’t take any guff from anyone who’d threaten their safety or that of their families.

At least two of the Sam Adams members voted for Cruz, so the meeting was not a Trump lovefest. However, the possibility of his candidacy doing damage to the Republican party seems quite real. As one functionary with a good view of it says: If he wins the nomination it MAY hurt the party; if the insiders yank the nomination away from him, it WILL hurt the party. Talk about the horns of a dilemma.

On the other hand, there is no way Trump can hurt conservatism. Conservatism is a body of age-old truths about history and human nature. Neither Trump nor anyone else can shake its foundations. Nor does it matter if Trump is, himself, a staunch conservative! That argument is a bright, crimson herring among dozens strewn by the Republican establishment.

Trump’s main qualities to conservatives include the fact that he can work with them – unlike the establishment RINOs and unlike establishment liberals and socialists. And, he does have some instinctively conservative ideas which damn few others have or are willing to express. This is said in the sense that the first task of conservatives is to conserve the integrity and ideas of
America that make us a great nation.

Finally, it can be said that of all the people vying for the world’s biggest job, we know more about what Trump will DO if elected than we know of ANY other, mendacity notwithstanding.

A New Dialectic Trumps All

Ever since the Serpent convinced Eve and Adam to break God’s Law, numerous serpents have worked tirelessly to move the goal line farther and farther away from truth. In American politics since Bill Clinton, their work has taken a new slither, and you can see it’s collaborative parts in the “Stop Trump” firestorm.
With their fellow bottom-feeders, the liberal “press,” leftists have created a foul narrative that makes Trump worse than Bull Connor (infamous Democrat party leader near Selma, Alabama), as Evil as Hitler, possibly as racist as Harry and Robert Byrd. The picture has been painted Jackson Pollock-like, in shades of hatred only Liberals can splatter by the pails-full.
Into the artificially wide gulf between modern American communist campaigning and what is actually quite rational reaction to the destruction of American institutions and morals, strides the beatific Hillary Clinton, posing as a “Centrist.” She’s more of an Alinskyite than Barack Hussein Obama, and a more effective far-left hustler than even Bernie Sanders, but in the cartoonish images the liberal press has conjured, she can claim sensibility compared to the Donald. Very neat. Don’t fall for it.