Ten Days of Penitence

comeyDonald Trump defeated his Republican primary rivals by breaking the Cardinal rule: don’t speak ill of another Republican. Primary voters responded enthusiastically because they had been saying many of those same “ill” things themselves since 2012. His strongest, most resonant point for those months was illegal immigration – something his opponents would not or could not address. He won the nomination “bigly.”
To its credit, the Republican Party apparatus, unlike defeated primary candidates, refused to try any shenanigans at the Convention and smoothed the nominating process in Cleveland and began the thankless task of uniting its fractious camps behind the nominee. Failing to read the American people as Trump evidently has, some of those camps are STILL so upset as to continue balancing on the pinhead of principle that prevents them from supporting Mr. Trump. To their loss.
Democrats, on the other hand, are the team that appeals to the basest of motives as they demand fealty from females if for no other reason. They believe that it is Hillary’s TURN at the cookie jar of the West Wing. Unlike Obama, whose purloined cookies are comprised of illegal immigrants in a gross attempt to change the color of the U. S. more quickly, and purposeful foreign policies that reduce WHITE America’s power and influence (plus some grotesque pro-Islam / anti-Christian actions he still pretends are not taking place), Mrs. Clinton has not and, perhaps, can not define policies much different than his in a cynical effort to garner votes from all those who swooned over “Hope and Change.”
None of it will matter much now, in the Ten Days of Penitence leading up to Election Day. Hillary’s decades of dishonesty have tripped-up her campaign at the turn entering the straight-away. If only Trump, himself, were purer, we could breathe easier, but the tentacles of lying are tightening around Mrs. Clinton, Huma Abedin and many of her key campaign aides. Trump supporters are thanking God for James Comey, who had been damned by those same 3 months ago. Clinton’s people are condemning him now who blessed him at that earlier time. Some are written directly into the Book of Life; some directly into Death; then there are the undecideds.
It is clear to all, one would expect, that should Hillary win in spite of investigations, that Comey will be in danger thereafter. Just as clearly, she wouldn’t be making any reforms in Justice, State, Treasury OR ANY OTHER DEPARTMENT in the directions of honesty, legality, Constitutionality or transparency. Her whole public presence is based on deception.
Those with eyes to see should recognize that a Trump victory will herald a substantial change in personnel and policies in virtually EVERY department – something surely needed if the Constitution is to survive.