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Mitt Romney Syndrome

RomTrumpSince Mr. Obama was elected in what was, until then, the most dramatic turn-around in U. S. politics (we elected a quite radical Muslim sympathizer who had been raised and largely educated by communists, who expressed a deep dislike of his supposed homeland, and who was the only person who ought to know his birthplace, who ever claimed – in writing – that he was born in Kenya – except for his grandmother and other members of his extended family), our politics and domestic body politic has been undergoing an even more dramatic shift. Few have taken good note of this, even as Republicans have consistently voted (they thought) for policies and people in direct opposition to what Mr. Obama represents. Their disappointment with the results of their overwhelming votes, votes that delivered House and Senate to Republicans and a wide majority of state legislatures and governorships as well, have finally found glaring outlet in the open presidential election marathon of 2015 – 2016.
Those who have fallen away as Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in the hardest-fought primaries of our lifetimes, still don’t grasp the implications, despite experiencing the reality. Republicans in “power” not only fail to grasp the shift, they are in denial and considering a tragic course to unseat the primary winner, Trump.
Key leader in this error is Mitt Romney, but there are dozens of ostensible conservatives and obviously liberal Republicans egging him on. For shame. Many of these claim to be struck by intense principles that prevent them from supporting Trump, led as much by William Kristol and those who orbit his diffuse conservatism, as by Romney.
Romney, too principled to stomach The Donald, was unable to declare said principles when debating Barack Hussein Obama in 2012, sitting silently as Obama spewed his Zebra-dung half-truths with the help of Candy Crowley. Perhaps Romney would be president now if he had shown proper outrage at the Benghazi and other outright lies and stormed off the stage of that debate with a statement that he was going to where Americans wanted to hear some truth! Obama deserved no more respect. But he did not have the spine – or principles – for that, which principles he claims guide him now.
Now his spine has returned to service. Trump is offensive to some and he, ROMNEY, will not stand for it… no, not for one minute!
How is it that millions of Republicans and others have chosen Trump over all those who use Republicanism, but don’t stand up for it? How is it that so many declare, loudly, that they aren’t seeking gentility or even manners, but rather someone with the nature of a bulldog who will not tolerate mealy-mouthed acquiescence to the destruction of liberty, personal responsibility and Constitutionalism?
Trump ain’t Winston Churchill, which would be nice, but this ain’t tiddliwinks, either; this is the salvation of the IDEAS of America and its promise, fought for so terrifically by Washington’s ragged troops.
Mr. Romney, be a statesman, now. Hold out your hand and help to Donald Trump and sign on to the victory that is within the grasp not of Republicans, but of real Americans.

Prudence Leadbetter